Osler accredited with seven leading practices

Our 2016 Accreditation survey allowed us to showcase the very best of Osler and the work we do every day to serve patients and families.

Collectively we met an amazing 99.5 per cent of almost 3,200 Accreditation standards – the highest we have ever achieved. We were also awarded no fewer than seven Leading Practice designations and one Commendable Practice designation from Accreditation Canada

Leading Practices

Commendable Practice

  • Patient Inspired Ethical Framework

Leading practice designations are not easy to come by. They must meet at least two requirements: we do something that no one else in Canada does, and we do something unique or better than anyone else in the country. A Commendable Practice award is also a formal recognition of a best practice for Osler; one that will serve as an example for other organizations.

“Leading practices are noteworthy examples of high-quality leadership and service delivery,” said Tony Raso, Interim Director, Clinical Practice and Quality. “They are a testament to Osler’s commitment to innovative practice and essentially help raise the bar for quality within health care.”

These Leading Practices showcase some of the incredible work that Osler staff, physicians and volunteers do and highlight our collective focus on providing patient-inspired health care without boundaries each and every day.