New Rapid Diagnostic and Breast Support Clinic opens at Osler

An innovative new clinic at Osler is helping patients with breast cancer get diagnosed and start their treatment sooner.

The new Rapid Diagnostic and Breast Support Clinic was launched at both Brampton Civic Hospital and Etobicoke General Hospital in 2016. The Clinic expands on our existing oncology and breast programs by bringing together clinicians from Osler’s surgery, oncology, diagnostic imaging and pathology teams. Patients also have access to a Nurse Navigator who can help guide them through the clinic and their treatment plans.

Together, the multidisciplinary team is reducing patients’ wait times by streamlining the diagnostics and treatment processes. They are also continuing to provide care to patients screened at Osler so they don’t need to seek treatment elsewhere. Our goal is to reduce the patient’s wait time, from mammogram to surgery, to 30 days – a significant drop from the provincial average of 64 days.

If a patient decides to explore other treatment alternatives, the team provides information about wait times for oncology referrals to other options across the health care system.

The clinic is operated in partnership with Cancer Care Ontario (CCO) and is the first program of its kind in Ontario. It’s part of Osler’s deep commitment to provide exemplary care to oncology patients in the communities we serve.