MyChart™: A better way for patients to manage their health

Gone are the days when we went to the doctor, had them assess and prescribe treatment, and then left. Today, health care is much more complex, with a veritable web of people working together to treat patients.

With more people involved in each patient’s care, smooth communication makes a huge difference. Test results, lab reports, and medication histories need to be readily accessible to every member of the health care team, whether it’s a hospital physician, a radiologist, family doctor, or the patient.

Last November, Osler introduced an electronic patient record, MyChart™, as part of an innovative regional five-year Information Management and Information Technology Strategic Plan that was developed by the Central West CCAC, Headwaters Health Care Centre, and Osler to make it easier to share information across hospital, home and community health care.

“Electronic tools like MyChart™ are helping to enhance the patient experience by involving patients and families in their care,” says Dr. Asim Masood, Joint Chief Medical Information Officer at Osler.

MyChart™ is a secure website where patients can view, record and manage their personal health information. This includes real-time laboratory results and self-entered patient data, such as allergies, medications and immunizations. Pathology, diagnostic imaging and cardiology reports are available 14 days after tests are reviewed and signed. Personal health information is protected with the same encryption technologies used by the major banks for online banking.

MyChart™ empowers patients to remain informed about their care, allowing them to better monitor their health status and play an active role in care decisions.