Improving care for stroke patients

A leading cause of disability in Canada, stroke is a life-threatening disease that requires immediate intervention. Every minute matters. Last August, using new technology, Osler introduced a new Code Stroke protocol for our community, enabling clinicians to rapidly assess a suspected stroke and provide life-saving treatment for patients in our Emergency Department (ED), and on our inpatient units.

“With stroke, time is brain,” says Dr. Vincenzo Basile, Division Head of Neurology and Physician Lead for the Stroke Program at Osler.

“Each minute a stroke goes untreated, 1.9 million brain cells die. Having a stroke protocol will ensure that our patients have rapid access to vital treatments including tPA (clot busting medication) and thrombectomy (clot-removing surgery) increasing the likelihood of a full recovery and minimal brain injury. We are very excited to be providing this novel treatment for Osler patients.”

The new Code Stroke protocol was the direct result of a collaborative effort between internal and external partners within and beyond Osler. It is part of a larger plan to enhance stroke services at Osler, as captured in our three-year Clinical Priorities Plan.